Wasted Spaces: Hidden Dog Bowl Drawer

Hate the sight of your dog’s food and water bowls? I know I do.  We always have to put it away when we have company over to visit. Now that my daughter has turned into a toddler she is fascinated with our dogs’ bowls. I constantly have to be sure to put a gate up so she can’t get into the dogs’ food and water. However that could be a better solution to this problem by looking for wasted spaces in your home.

Hidden Dog Bowls - Eden Environments

Why not make the bowls disappear between feedings? I saw this great and creative dog bowls interior design solution  that one of my friends designed for a project. The designer, Denise Hopkins from Eden Environments, created a drawer with dog bowls during feeding times and can be closed between meals. The hidden dog food bowls are cleverly disguises into the baseboard of this home. The bowls are removable for easy cleaning and drop back into the round cut outs in the dog bowl drawer. When closed no one would ever know the drawer is there.

There are a number of things I love about this unique solution. First, I think this doggie drawer is a great example of turning wasted space into usable space in your home. There so many places in our homes where space is wasted. These wasted spaces are opportunities to design new more useful space that better utilize the square footage in your home. One example of where there is often wasted space that is prime for a reinvention is the space underneath a stair case. This lost square footage can be turned into many things, such as coat closet, built-in bookshelves or a new bathroom (check out other examples below). These types of built-in solutions were very common during the Arts & Craft movement. By designing this dog drawer, Hopkins, has increase the functional square footage of this residence. 

Under Stair Storage


Also think this creative design solution is a great example of a designer observing the needs of their client. It is vital for interior designers to listen to their client’s needs and then come up with a design concept that answers their problems. I feel it is my responsibility to my clients to come up with unique solutions that are innovative and address what is most important to the homeowners. Denise Hopkins, in this example, has done just that. She has come up with a solution to a problem by hiding the dog bowls in a way that is inventive, functional and beautifully designed. As consumers, be sure to hire a designer that understands your needs and can address them in a way that satisfies your overall goals.  

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