Upcycling: How to Reuse Waste & Decorate Your Home

There are many things you can do to help improve our environment. You can carpool to work, use reusable grocery bags or turn off lights when you leave a room. When decorating your home there are ways you can help change the environment and still design a beautiful home. One is by purchasing furniture and furnishing which are made from upcycling waste products. What is upcycling? Simply put, upcycling is transforming discarded or disposable items that normally end up in the trash and turning it into something more useful. You may be saying, why would I want to decorate my home with waste? Here are a few reasons to decorate with upcycled goods.

Reasons To Purchase Upcycled Furnishings

  • By upcycling we reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.
  • Upcycling can save you money.
  • Upcycling also reduces CO2 emission from the manufacturing of new materials.
  • Biggest advantage is discovering new uses for common waste.

To illustrate the amazing and stylish home furnishings you can place in your home, here is a list of some of my favorite upcycling finds.

  1. Rewined Handmade Candles – Made in Charleston, SC these candles are housed in repurposed wine bottles. Each candle is constructed from the bottom half of a wine bottle and fragrance is inspired by a favorite wine selection.
  2. M&M’s Eco Speakers – Made from M&M wrappers, these eco-friendly mini speakers have excellent sound quality. TerraCycle collects waste products and upcycles the waste into hundreds of different products. TerraCycle products are available at Walmart and Target stores or online at Dwell Smart.
  3. Skateboard Shelves – Have an old skateboard collecting dust in a closet? Upcycle it into a wall shelf. For directions check out Being Brook.
  4. Vacavaliente Dog – Made from straps of leather that are typically discarded, Vacavalinete in Argentina creates unique home goods.
  5. Wine Barrel Folding Chair – Whit McLeod has designed this sleek folding chair made from salvaged 70-gallon oak wine barrels. These upcycled chairs look good inside and outside.
  6. Bombay Sapphire Gin Bottle Pendent Light Made from the teal glass of Bombay Sapphire Gin, this pendent light would look beautiful over a home bar or above a kitchen island.
  7. Grain Stack Skeleton Key PillowSimply made from an upcycled grain stack with a skeleton key accent, this pillow is natural and beautiful.
  8. Boot Jack BenchConstructed from three different upcycled materials, reclaimed wood, bead board, and ceiling tin. This bench would look perfect in your entry or mud room.

As you can now see, upcycled home furnishings are as beautiful and designer as there new counterparts. To discover more upcycled product check out Hip Cycle online.

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Images: Source as linked, Feature Image: kevinspencer (Creative Commons)

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