Trend Spotting: Vertical Gardens

“A good garden may have some weeds” – Thomas Fuller M.D. 1

Now that it is springtime and everything is green again, many people are heading outdoors to beautify the landscaping around their home or apartment. This is one of my favorite times of the year because of all the new life and color you see outdoors. What is your favorite time of the year?

Living Artwork

If you are planning a garden this year perhaps you may want to consider going vertical. One of the hot trends I have noticed in gardening is vertical gardens. I have especially noticed this in smaller or balcony gardens. There are three things I love about this design trend.

  1. Art: Vertical gardens are living pieces of abstract artwork.
  2. Uniqueness: Plus, as you can see in the examples below, there is much variety in the art you can create with a vertical garden. You have a rainbow of colors, shapes and textures to design with. The sky’s the limit.
  3. Low Space Requirement: Lastly these gardens are ideal for people with small yards or no yards at all. They are perfect for city dwellers. All you need is a wall to hang your living masterpiece on.

Go Get Your Hands Dirty

If you are interested in rolling up your sleeves and testing your green thumb., here are links and images of some of my favorite vertical gardens.

Help Make the World a Greener Place: Call To Action

Help get the word out about this gardening design trend by sharing this post with your friends. Also, comment about which vertical garden project is your favorite or share others. We learn the most from each other. Thank you!

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