Tips on How to Decorate a Console Table

Tips on How to Decorate a Console TableThere are many places in your home you can have a console table; foyer, behind the sofa or at the end of a hallway. Sometimes these console tables end up being a catch-all for random stuff, which is a shame. Console tables give you a great opportunity to display your personal and favorite home accessories. To help you with decorating your console table like the pros here are console table decorating ideas to help you arrange the perfect focal point in your home.

Console Table Decorating Tricks

Crowd Control – I have seen console tables that are packed with so many knick knacks and mementos that you cannot even see the counter. When you begin decorating a console table pare down your furnishing to your favorite items. The number of accessories will vary depending on the size of your console table. However, in general, my suggestion is to leave 25% to 50% of negative space.

Negative Space on a Console Table

This console table has a good balance of negative space. Source:


Groupings– Whether you are decorating a console table or bookshelf, creating small groupings of similar items is a great design tip. When you group similar accessories you bring organization and order to your home decorating. By grouping collections you give your home an art gallery or museum appearance. Plus collections look better when grouped, instead of spread throughout a home.

Grouping Accessories on a Console Table

On this console table the designer grouped similar colored vases together. Source:


Level Up– In nature, not all trees or plants are the same height. This is why nature is so interesting to look at. When you are decorating your console table remember to vary the heights and sizes of the furnishings. By doing this your console table will become a focal point in the room.

Creating Difference Levels on a Console Table

The overall arrangement of this console table is very interest because on the multiple levels. Source:


Lighting– When decorating a console table consider placing a lamp on one or both ends of table. Lamps will add height and if you use two lamps on either end it will create symmetry and balance. Also many times where you find console tables additional lighting options are welcome (example: lamps behind a sofa are the perfect reading light option). Be sure however that the lamps are size appropriate for the table, and this goes for the other accessories on the console table as well.

Adding Lighting on Your Console Table

The pair of table lamps create is perfect way to place lamps on a console table. Source:


Variety of Colors– For decorating a console table like the pros, you should add color. Color adds style, interest and can unite the color scheme in the room. Nothing is more boring than a room with no color. Place accessories with colors that complement your overall color palette. A small stack of books is an easy way to add color on your console table.

Purple Colored Console Table

This console table is a great example of using colored accessories to complement the color scheme in the room. Source:


Overlapping– To design a dramatic arrangement for your console table overlap your accessories. When you overlap items it creates interest, depth and an overall vignette.

Overlapping Accessories on a Console Table

The accessories on this Console Table are overlapping to create an interesting layout. Source:


These tips can also be used in other places in your home, such bookshelves, side tables or built-in niches.

One More Tip: Change or swap around the accessories throughout the year, perhaps quarterly, to give your console table a fresh new look.

I hope these tips help you when you are decorating your home or apartment. Please let me know if they do or if you have any other decorating questions or thoughts.

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