10 Easy & Simple DIY Projects For Your Home

When it comes to easy and simple DIY projects there’s many ideas to get your creative juices flowing. With the right DIY approach anyone can turn plain and boring objects into fun and personalized possessions. Firstly, make sure you’ve got the right tools, budget and space to complete a task. It’s also wise to ensure […]

Upcycling: How to Reuse Waste & Decorate Your Home

There are many things you can do to help improve our environment. You can carpool to work, use reusable grocery bags or turn off lights when you leave a room. When decorating your home there are ways you can help change the environment and still design a beautiful home. One is by purchasing furniture and […]

Eco-Friendly Bedroom Design

As an interior designer I find more and more clients are asking for their homes to be more environmentally friendly. Each client has a different reason they want their home to be eco-friendly, but generally speaking there are a few common reasons. The first reason I hear most often is they want to improve the indoor air quality in their home. You may not know this but some interior finishes and furnishing can off gas harmful vapors. These gases, which are called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can be harmful to humans and the environment. One common example of VOCs is the new paint smell. The smell is caused by the off-gassing of the chemicals in the paint. However the VOCs in paint can be reduced or eliminated by using paint products that have lower or no VOCs, such as the Sherwin Williams Harmony Interior Paint Products in the eco-friendly bedroom design concept below

Product Spotlight: Duro Design Cork Flooring

One type of flooring product that you don’t see very often, but has many benefits both as a high quality product and is environmentally friendly, is cork flooring. Now I am not talking about flooring that is made up of hundreds of wine corks. However, cork flooring is made from the same material as wine […]