10 Easy & Simple DIY Projects For Your Home

When it comes to easy and simple DIY projects there’s many ideas to get your creative juices flowing. With the right DIY approach anyone can turn plain and boring objects into fun and personalized possessions. Firstly, make sure you’ve got the right tools, budget and space to complete a task. It’s also wise to ensure […]

How to Greenify Your Home, Without Spending Too Much Green

Today, the influence of the “Green” movement has become a mainstream effort focused on appreciating the responsibility we have to take better care of our environment. Don’t fear though, going green doesn’t mean you have to replace all of your appliances or buy a brand new “high efficiency” home. Going green is a step by […]

February Review – Top Posts

Another month of 2012 is gone. Even with the extra Leap Day February so gone in a blink of an eye. I hope you had as great of February as I did. It was very busy and crazy but that is how I like it. Here is the monthly review of reader’s favorite posts for […]

Unbelievable Furniture Makeovers: From Trash to Amazing New Furniture

Lately I have been very interested in furniture makeovers. I am amazed how people transform an outdated ugly piece of furniture to create a completely new look. In most cases someone finds themselves at a garage sale or thrift store and comes across furniture that has good bones but needs a facelift.

Thinking Green: Turning Reclaimed Snowfencing into Stunning Interior Design

This is a classic story of seeing the value of something that has been thrown away. The highways in Wyoming are lined with hundreds of miles of wood snowfencing, which is constructed to make driving safer during the winter months. Overtime these boards become old and need to be replaced. The old boards were then […]

DIY Ideas: How to Get Organized with DIY Wall Hooks

Many people make resolutions each year to get more organized in their homes. There are many products you can purchase to help you organize everything in your life. Whether you are organizing your clothes closet or your craft room, there some organization product you can buy to assist you. However, if you are looking to […]

DIY: Benefits of Plants for Interior Design

Using the elements of nature is a great way to enhance an interior design concept. There are many benefits to adding plants to any room in your house or workplace. Since plants are living organisms, they are constantly changing over time, making them very interesting and exciting to watch grow.