10 Ways to Lighten a Dark Room without Painting

When you move into an apartment you don’t always have the luxury of painting. Paint can make a huge difference in a room. If you can’t paint you may feel lost at how to decorate your new home to meet your style and personal preference. If you find yourself feeling like you are living in […]

Sherwin Williams Chip It Tool Review

I have found my new favorite color tool and it will be yours’ too after the first time you use it. Sherwin Williams’ Chip It tool makes it a breeze to find color inspiration for your next design project. If you are like most homeowners you may have trouble picking colors for your home. The […]

8 Ways to Add Color to a Neutral Color Palette

Struggling with picking an accent color for your home? Selecting colors may make you feel overwhelmed. Everyone wants to find the perfect colors to make a statement. We all worry about making the wrong choice. It may make you feel better to know that even interior designers make bad choices with paint colors. The good […]

How To Choose the Right Paint Finish for Your Home

There is more to painting a room than just what color you are going to use. Paint color does play a big role in a room, however, it is not the only choice to make when buying paint. You must also select what type of paint finish you are going to use. Luckily there are […]