The Overlooked Interior Finishing Touches

There is a lot that goes into a room makeover or renovation. New paint colors, furniture, removing or adding walls, new windows, plumbing and appliances can be needed. I often say that interior design is for the detailed oriented. I must admit I sometimes get caught in the early interior design decisions. Choosing paint colors, furniture […]

Advice for Taking the Right Steps to Becoming an Interior Designer

Becoming an interior designer for me made sense because I wanted a creative outlet, similar to theater. From my experience in scenic design class and an innate nature to rearrange rooms, I felt that a career in interior design would be an excellent fit for me. I couldn’t be more happy about my decision to […]

Why I Became an Interior Designer

Interior Designers are very special people. An interior designer is a professional that is a creative thinker, an outside the box thinker and problem solver. Interior designers need to be artistic and analytical at the same time. Interior designers also need business and communication skills to work with their clients to achieve success. Most of all […]

Staging Your Home Like the Pros

Seven Tips To Survive Home Staging So you’ve put your house up on the market? Congratulations! Now all you have to do is wait for it to sell…umm, exactly how long is that going to take? Unfortunately, in today’s housing market, even a really wonderful house may not sell as soon as the sign hits […]

Dorm Room Decor OlioHop! Link Up with Us

It is that time of year again when parents across the world pack up the car with their son or daughter’s belongings on their way to college or university near or far. I am sure many of us can remember our parents dropping us off at college to move into out first dorm room; “your […]

How to Arrange Furniture in Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are very common in newer or renovated homes today. People prefer open floor plans for many reasons. However, sometimes arranging furniture in an open floor plan or great room can be challenging. Here are few tips to help you arrange furniture in an open concept floor plan. Use Area Rugs Furniture in […]

3 DIY Furniture Books to Add to Your Home Library

Before I start on the topic for this post, 3 DIY Furniture Books to Add to Your Home Library, I need to apologize for my absence over the past few weeks. Recently my wife, daughter and I began a new chapter in our lives. This new start has moved us from Florida back to our […]