How to Make your Home Appear Bigger than it Actually Is

Not everyone is blessed with a home with endless amounts of room and square footage. Often times, homeowners have to make do with the space that they have and work around it. However, there’s no reason why you can’t give your home a more spacious, roomy feel. For those that struggle with small spaces, the […]

10 Ways to Green Your Home Using Bamboo

Quickly becoming the trendiest raw material on the planet, bamboo is now dominating the green retail market. Take a closer look at this grassy gem and it is hard not to see why. Its renewability and sustainability is unsurpassed, it produces 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees, can grow almost anywhere (at warp speeds), is beautiful […]

How to Arrange Furniture in Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are very common in newer or renovated homes today. People prefer open floor plans for many reasons. However, sometimes arranging furniture in an open floor plan or great room can be challenging. Here are few tips to help you arrange furniture in an open concept floor plan. Use Area Rugs Furniture in […]

3 DIY Furniture Books to Add to Your Home Library

Before I start on the topic for this post, 3 DIY Furniture Books to Add to Your Home Library, I need to apologize for my absence over the past few weeks. Recently my wife, daughter and I began a new chapter in our lives. This new start has moved us from Florida back to our […]

Help Me Solve this Small Bedroom Furniture Puzzle

Not all of us have the luxury of a large bedroom. For some of us our bedrooms are small. This dilemma may be especially true for people who live in big cities like New York or Chicago. Arranging furniture in a small bedroom can be challenging but not impossible. If you think outside the box […]

The Sleep Too Sofa: The Swiss Army Knife of Sofas

Do you live in a small apartment or house? If so, you know that space is valuable. If you don’t have much space you know that the way you utilize that space you have is very important. Many of us at some point in our lives have/do live in a small place. I certainly did […]

Thrift Store Chic: What is Old is New Again

Something I have begun to notice in home décor is the trend for furnishings to have a vintage or rustic worn style. Why is this trend beginning to pop up in the furnishings at stores and boutiques you may ask? I believe it is a sign of the times. Many people have less disposable income […]