Tips on How to Decorate a Console Table

There are many places in your home you can have a console table; foyer, behind the sofa or at the end of a hallway. Sometimes these console tables end up being a catch-all for random stuff, which is a shame. Console tables give you a great opportunity to display your personal and favorite home accessories. […]

Saw Tooth House: Modern Design with Pops of Terracotta Red

The Saw Tooth House is a stunning example of current modern design trends. Designed by the Seattle based architecture team of E. Cobb Architects, this home is a modern design lover’s dream.  Situated between two streets and in a traditional neighborhood, this modern marvel stands out as the jewel of this Seattle area. The exterior […]

Interior Design Trends of 2012: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve in the New Year

It’s time for fresh starts and new beginnings, as spring is around the corner. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and implement the freshest interior design trends into your home, check out these trends that we’re looking forward to for 2012.

How To Choose the Right Paint Finish for Your Home

There is more to painting a room than just what color you are going to use. Paint color does play a big role in a room, however, it is not the only choice to make when buying paint. You must also select what type of paint finish you are going to use. Luckily there are […]

Fall Fashion Meets Interior Design

There are many ways to design an interior color scheme or palette. I have discussed methods of designing color schemes in earlier posts, which you can read by clicking here, wall color schemes. If you are struggling with deciding what colors would look best in your house you could look in your clothes closet for inspiration. Looking at fashion is a great way to find new color combinations that you may not have thought about or considered. Fashion designers are similar to interior designers in the fact that both of are looking to create new, interesting and eye catching designs. Much like interior designers, fashion designers spend time deciding which colors will look best for their new design. Often you will see colors used in fashion cross over into interior design. Realizing this I thought it would be interesting to take the colors in fall fashion and create an interior color palette from these colors. Below are some images from the fall fashion line this year.

Split Complementary Color Scheme for Interior Design

Another interior design color scheme, which is similar to the direct complementary; is the split complementary color scheme. This paint color scheme is created when you select one color on the color wheel and then one color on either side of its direct complement. The color wheel below illustrates this method. The split complementary color […]

Analogous Color Scheme for Interior Design

In my previous posts, I have talked about monochromatic, direct and split complementary color schemes. This week I am exploring one of my favorite interior design color schemes, the analogous color scheme or harmonies. Analogous interiors involve more than one color, so refer to the color wheel throughout this lesson. Generally, analogous color palettes are comprised […]