Quick & Inexpensive Holiday Decorating Ideas

With the holiday season fast approaching it is now time to dress up your home to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Creating a festive home does not have to cost an arm and leg. Your can do a lot to bring some holiday cheer to your home decor with some simple, easy and most importantly inexpensive decorating ideas. Here are a few of my favorite fall and holiday decorating do-it-yourself projects which help you decorate your home for future holiday parties with friends and family. Best of all, once these decorating ideas are completed they will look like you spent a lot on expensive store bought decorations.

Inexpensive Holiday Home Decorating Ideas

1. Scarf Decor – Scarves as home decor? The answer is yes. A simple, easy and low-cost fall or holiday decoration idea is use an old, forgotten or unused scarf that coordinates with your interior design as a table runner. If you don’t have an extra scarf laying around your house you could always check out a local thrift store for a great deal. I think this decorating idea from Good Housekeeping is great because it is cheap, your reusing something you may already have and scarves give a festive feeling and warmth to a room.

2. Bring Nature Inside – In any room decor it is always good to bring an element of nature. Natural accessories in a room can bring color, warmth and life to room. One way to bring nature into your home for the holidays is to collect pinecones that have fallen out of pine trees in your backyard or neighborhood. To create a holiday centerpiece for your dining table, gather a few clear glass vases of different heights and place the gathered pinecones into the vases to design a natural wintry centerpiece for your home. You can also spray paint the pinecones silver or gold to give them a sparkle, or leave them natural. This inexpensive decorating idea from Real Simple is perfect for those last minute dinner parties that come up around the holiday season.

3. Indian Corn Wreath – It is important to not neglect you front door when decorating for the holiday season. I think this next easy DIY decorating project is the perfect wreath to dress up your door for Thanksgiving. All you will need to create your own Indian Corn Wreath is Indian corn, a straw wreath and a hot glue gun. Assembly of this DIY is a breeze, just hot glue the corn to the straw wreath with the husks pointing outward. It can’t get much simpler and inexpensive than this Thanksgiving wreath. Your front door will be ready to greet Thanksgiving guests as there arrive to your home for a dinner feast.

4. Scrap Fabric Fall Pillow – This next inexpensive fall and holiday DIY decorating idea brings fall’s colors and fun patterns into your home. Using scrap fabric, the bloggers at Cluck Cluck Sew have created a beautiful modern throw pillow. What I love about this decorating idea is the combination of fall colors resembling the leaves in the trees around Thanksgiving and the mixtures of fabric patterns. The layering of colors, patterns and textures not only is a great design technique, but also adds life and depth to a room. Another element of this do-it-yourself project which I think makes it great is the simple yet modern design of the tree. For more information about this project click here

5. Woodland Candle Holders  – Birch branches and logs are an excellent way to bring texture and nature into your home for the holidays. One decorating idea from Womens Day that utilizes small birch logs is to create candle holders by drilling a 1 inch to 1-1/2 inch wide hole about an 1-1/2 inch deep. They suggest finding logs about 2 to 4 inches in diameter and cut them at various lengths to create a rustic fall centerpiece for your coffee or dining table. You can buy a set of birch candle holders from a store, which can cost you between $30 to $50, or you can design your own for just a few dollars. 

6. Scrabble Letter Decor – Do you have a old unused Scrabble board set that is taking up space in a closet? If so, salvage the letters and holders to create a fun holiday decoration, which not only reuses something that may end up in your next garage sale, but is can spell out some holiday cheer sayings. To make the letters pop out, paint the standard letter holders white and then find the letters to spell out your holiday message. What is great about this decorating idea is the message can change throughout the holiday season. For Thanksgiving it could say, “Give Thanks” and then for Christmas you can change it to “Happy Holidays.” County Living even suggests using the Scrabble letters as place cards for a holiday dining party.

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