Post Christmas Interior Design Project Planning

You maybe still be recovering from all of the holiday celebrations. You are probably not thinking about the interior design projects you want to do in the coming year. However, this is the perfect time to begin interior design project planning. The sooner you get your interior design projects started the sooner you can cross them off your list.

To help you start generating your interior design project list. Here are a few easy decorating project ideas to bring the interior design of your home to the next level.

Interior Design Project Ideas

  • No-Sew New Accent Pillow Covers: If you have old accent pillows on your sofa that you want to replace here is an easy low-cost way to update the style without buying new pillows.
    No-Sew Pillow Covers
  • Bathroom Display Shelf: Create an interesting place for toiletries in your guest bathroom. All you need is an old wine or wooden box and empty frame.
    Bathroom Display Shelf
  • Wallpaper an Accent Wall: Most of the time when you move into a new home you have to remove wallpaper. However, in this case you can add an interesting focal point in a room by applying a pattern with wallpaper.
    Wallpaper Accent Wall
  • Revamp a Lamp: Instead of buying a new lamp shade, give an old shade new life using remnants of wallpaper or fabric to recover a boring lamp shade.
    Revamping a Lamp Shade
  • Turn CD Cases into Frames: Recycle old CD cases into frames for your personal photos. This simple and inexpensive interior design project is a great way to upcycle CD cases to create an easy grid-like arrangement of photos. If you don’t have any old CD cases you can buy some inexpensive jewel cases from Amazon or eBay.
    CD Case Photo Frames

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