How to Have a Modern Master Bedroom on a Budget

Master Bedroom that doesn’t Break Bank

If you have avoided changing anything in your master bedroom with the hesitation that it will cost you an arm and a leg, fear no more. Having a beautifully designed modern bedroom complete with grown up dressed walls that match your bedding and floor design can cost you under $500. Forget hiring your friend, the interior designer to turn your bedroom into a personal and romantic oasis. By making small changes, you can take pride in changing your cluttered bedroom into a relaxing room away from the chaos of your day.

Save on Shelving

Most people consider redesigning their bedroom when the clutter has gotten so bad they just can’t take it anymore. Have you run out of space to put all of your personal belongings such as your winter sweaters, books or bathroom knick-knacks? Built in cabinets can be purchased at your neighborhood home improvement store inexpensively, and when you paint them yourselves, you’ll save even more.  Install wall shelving alongside your bed or purchase two shelves of the same size to put on either side of your bed. Fill them up with clothes you can’t fit into your closet (or offseason clothes), books you can easily reach for a bedtime story or everyday jewelry that your bathroom counter doesn’t allow space for.

Make Bedding Your Focal Point

Bedding is important for two reasons. It allows you to feel invited in your home from the moment you walk in, and it offers comfort while you sleep. Sure, you want your lavender comforter to keep you warm during the winter nights, but does it go with your bright red walls? Your newly painted walls should match your bedding in order for a room to truly come together. Consider switching out your old bedding for a complete bed set, complete with accent pillows that bring in the colors of your new cabinets, walls and shelving. Then, top it off with an artistic rug to really bring the entire room together!

Don’t Forget About the Small Details

The small details of a modern bedroom, such as sculptural lighting, sofa love seats mounted along the window pane and adorned with stylish pillows and wallpaper that serves a simplistic but stylish purpose is important. If you have replaced your bedding, painted the walls and gotten rid of your clutter, there’s only one thing left to do – bring in the lighting! Artistic or with simple taste, overhead, dim lighting can set a romantic mood with the click of the dimmer switch. Bring in an orchid plant to rest on your clutter-free nightstand and a rare statuette you found during your travels to Bali. Just remember to decorate your master bedroom in a way that feels like you. From the bed to the walls, feeling comfortable from the time you walk in to the moment you wake up is the most important thing, and only you can create your bedroom on a budget to reflect that unique taste.

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Author Bio: Zach Daniel writes for Design55, an online modern bedroom furniture and homewares store.


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