Modern Home Decorating Accessories For Your Home

There are so many great home decorating furnishings and accessories on the market for home decor. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which home decorating items to purchase. When I come across home decorating accessories that are interesting I bookmark them and write a brief comment about the items. This helps me remember what the accessories were and where I can find them later. I encourage you to do the same. Here are a few home decorating accessories I recently found and wanted to share with you.

  1. Sylvie Pillows: Accent pillows can add a lot to an interior design. These pillows will add color, pattern and style to your home’s interior design.
  2. TAK Brand Pushpins: Bring some functional style to your desk at work or home office. TAK Brand pushpins are not your average pushpin. These modern push pins will keep your papers from swiveling with just one pin. Also you can use TAK Brand pushpins for cable management or to hang Christmas lights.
  3. Thelermont Hupton off the wall pots: Ideal for small spaces, these simple and petite plant pots will bring a flourish of natural to your home.
  4. Core Bamboo Modern Round Bowls: If you are looking for an eco-friendly and eye-catching bowl to bring warmth to your home décor, check out these bamboo bowls from Core Bamboo.
  5. Michael McDowell Mudpuppy Air Plant Pods: Made from ceramic, these modern hanging air plant pods are the perfect way to bring a touch of greenery to your home. They are most interesting when grouped together at varying levels.
  6. Badge Bomb Magnets: Add some art to your refrigerator from renowned illustrators, artists and designers with these unique magnets from Badge Bomb. These magnets are a perfect way to give your home appliances color, personality and style.
  7. Deny Designs Shower Curtain: Transform your dull and dingy bathroom with Deny Designs’ creative and colorful shower curtains. Create an artistic focal point with these beautiful and modern shower curtains. I love this skyline shower curtain because deep down I am a big city guy.
  8. Unison Duvet Covers: Give you bedding a modern makeover with Unison’s Larch Ash Duvet cover. This large bending branches print will add loads of style to your master bedroom.
  9. Urban Outfitters Modular Fish Hotel: Give your small fish a modern place to call home this modular fish dwelling. No need to sacrifice style for your pets.
  10. notNeutral City Plates: If you are a big city lover at heart, but don’t live in the city you will love notNeutral’s City Plate collection, which feature aerial views of big cities from around the world. Bring a piece of the city home without living there with modern decoration plates.


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These are some good ideas for doing home decor. I just started doing mine so this article will help out a lot. If anyone is interested there's a site a friend of mine recommended me to called  World to Home. They have a big selection of home decor stuff you guys might like.


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