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There are over 1.64 billion owned cats or dogs in the United States, according to the Humane Society. Of these pet owners nine out of ten consider their pets as a member of the family (Pet I am certainly part of this statistic. I have two dogs, Corgan, a Yorkshire Terrier and Chamberlain, a Pomeranian. We definitely consider them a part of our family. However, I find myself having to compromise my personal interior design style when it comes to pet decor and accessories. I can’t tell you how often I have walked into someone’s beautiful modern design home to see an ugly dog bed or bowl sitting in the corner of the living room that is anything but modern. Many of us may feel we are limited to the pet products sold at the big box retailers, however thanks to the internet we are no longer limited to the style of the pet product we buy. To illustrate this I have found 8 dog and/or cat products that would be fitting in any modern design home. You no longer have to compromise your interior design style because you are a pet lover.

Modern Design Pet Products

  1. Doca Pet Dogleg Diner: This raised pet food bowl is the perfect blend of modern design and industrial durability. The powder-coated slim line steel frame not only looks stylish, but also resists scratching from your pooch’s nails. The steel frame is available in four colors; white, black, red and orange; and 3 heights to fit your four-legged friend’s size. The stainless steel food and water bowls are removable for easy cleaning. What I like most about these pet food bowls is the folding metal design and lightness of the frame.
  2. IKEA Bastis Dog Tail Hooks: These hooks are simply cute and the colors will pop on the wall. I have two of these hooks next to the door leading to my backyard, which are perfect for hanging Corgan and Chamberlain’s collars and leashes on. These dog tail hooks are inexpensive modern pet accessories that are interesting to look at and functional at the same time. 
  3. Molly Mutt Wildcat Dog Duvet: Molly Mutt has come up with a relatively inexpensive solution to your pet’s ugly old bed. Similar to a duvet cover for your comforter on your bed, Molly Mutt has designed duvet covers that allow you to reuse an old dog or cat bed again by covering it up with a fabric case that doesn’t compromise your modern sophisticated style. If your dog’s bed is too far gone you can simply place towels or old clothes into the duvet cover to create a soft place for your four-legged family member to sleep. In addition to the beautiful modern patterns and styles of the Molly Mutt pet bed duvet covers are durable and are machine washable. I would have no worries about placing one of these dog beds in my living room.
  4. The Refined Feline Cat Clouds Cat Shelf: Give your feline friend a stylish place to perch on in your home that fits within your personal interior design style. These cat shelves are constructed from strong metal with comfortable pads that are removable for easy cleanability and replacement. What is neat about these modern cat perches is when your cat is lounging on them it visually looks like they are floating on a cloud. These modern cat perches also will look great when not being used by your feline friend, which is ideal because you don’t want someone to walk into the room and know it is a cat perch. 
  5. Fab Dog Inc Argyle Pattern Plush Chew Toy: Now I know pet toys are not considered interior pet decor, but if your home is anything like mine toys occasionally get strewn about becoming part of the overall interior design of the room. Most store bought pet toys will stick out like a sore thumb in a modern design home. That will not be the case with these modern bright argyle patterned toys. The modern color combination and embroidered design are almost too stylish to allow your dog to play with. 
  6. DenHaus BowHaus Modern Dog Crate: This is not your average dog crate. DenHaus has designed a new vision for the pet crate that not only provides a cozy place for your four-legged friend to relax, but also coordinates with your modern interior design style. Constructed of powder-coated steel the BowHaus is durable and easy to clean. What is great about this doggie crib is it can serve as an end table creating a perfect place to set down a drink during a cocktail party. The crate is also equipped with a sliding door so when you need your pooch to stay out of the way you can shut the door to lock him in. The icing on the cake for this modern dog decor is the interesting starburst pattern of the ventilation holes. 
  7. Roxiedoggie Zebrawood Pet Food Bowls: This modern elevated dog food bowl’s exquisitely designed and perfect for your modern home. I love the bent wood design of the frame, which is made from birch with a zebrawood veneer. Zebrawood has beautiful graining with contrasting dark and light tones that create a sophisticated design. This wood dog bowl holder includes removable stainless steel bowls, which add a nice metal accent to the streamline modern frame. These pet food bowls are so beautiful there is no need to hide them from guests. 
  8. ModPet Modern Dog Bed and Lounger: Resembling the famous Mid-Century Modern Mies van der Rohe Bacelona Chaise, this dog bed from ModPet is ideal for anyone with an appeal for modern design. I love everything about this dog bed, from the sleek metal to the tufting of the cushion. This modern raised pet bed is almost too stylish to let your dog lounge on. If you are looking for the perfect dog bed to coordinate with your modern furniture this bed is a must. Consider the amount of detail and style of this dog bed, the price tag is quite reasonable, $180. 

We love our pets and we love modern interior design, now we don’t have to compromise style for man’s best friend.  

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