How to Define Your Interior Design Style?

Are you unsure about what interior design style you like?

Modern Style? Contemporary Style? Tradition Interior Design? Cottage Style? Eclectic Style?

With so many options it can be overwhelming to choose what style you want to decorate your home in.

If you consider yourself to be clueless about interior design there is hope. Here are tips to help you define your interior design style. I have used these methods to help clients discover their interior design style with great success.

  1. Flip Through Interior Design Magazines: Looking through an interior design magazine is a great to discover the interior design style you like. I suggest as you see pictures you like either tear them out or fold the corner. After you have gone through two or more magazines see what is common among all the images. This will help you define your style.
  2. Go to Shopping: Sounds fun doesn’t it. Going to home decor stores, such as West Elm or HomeGoods, can also help you discover the interior design style you prefer. Browses the aisle and as you see items you like take pictures of them. When you are finished look at all the pictures you took to see if there is a common theme.
  3. Take House Tours: Many large and medium size cities have yearly or twice yearly Parade of Homes to showcase newly built homes. This is a great place to see homes of varying interior design styles.
  4. Surf Interior Design Blogs: There is a wealth of knowledge on the internet for you to explore. Check out interior design blogs to find inspiration for your interior design style. Check out my blog post ten Interior Design Tips from Influential Interior Design Bloggers for other interior design blogs to surf.
  5. Check your Closet: Fashion often inspires interior design. If you are not sure what your interior design style is; check your closet. Look through the clothes you wear to see if you notice particular colors or patterns you are drawn to. The colors and pattern you like can transfer over to your interior design style.

I hope these tips help you discover your interior design style. However if there is not a clear winning style you can follow the tip from my friend Emily from Decor Chick gave, “I would say my favorite tip would be to not be afraid to mix different styles. If you like some traditional elements, and some modern, combine them in a way where it will work in your home. It will add more interest and tell more of a story about you and your home.”

Continue the Conversation About Interior Design Style~

  • What is your favorite design style?
  • Do you have trouble with picking an interior design style?
  • Have you ever used any of these tips for style inspiration?

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