Fall Fashion Meets Interior Design

There are many ways to design an interior color scheme or palette. I have discussed methods of designing color schemes in earlier posts, which you can read by clicking here, wall color schemes. If you are struggling with deciding what colors would look best in your house you could look in your clothes closet for inspiration. Looking at fashion is a great way to find new color combinations that you may not have thought about or considered. Fashion designers are similar to interior designers in the fact that both of are looking to create new, interesting and eye catching designs. Much like interior designers, fashion designers spend time deciding which colors will look best for their new design. Often you will see colors used in fashion cross over into interior design. Realizing this I thought it would be interesting to take the colors in fall fashion and create an interior color palette from these colors. Below are some images from the fall fashion line this year.

Jewel Tones in Fall Fashion

Fashion Designers are using bright jewel tones in their latest fashion

Colors from Fall Fashion Design

Flowy textures and bold colors in fashion design

Interior Color Scheme from Fall Fashion Colors

Dark and Light earth tones add a solid foundation for fall fashion colors and a good interior color palette.

Using these images and others, I extracted the colors I repeatedly saw to come up with a group of colors that would make for a beautiful color scheme. Below you can see the Sherwin Williams paints which correspond to the colors found on the catwalks of your favorite designers. As you can see from the interior color palette, starting on the left I selected colors that are neutrals and subtle cool colors. These colors are then contrasted by the more vibrant jewel tone colors on the right. It is important to point out that if you like this color scheme you do not need to use all the colors in your home. The fashion examples do not have all the colors in one outfit, so it is probably a good idea to pick a neutral color and add an accent color or two. Also if you like some of the jewel tones but think they are too saturated for your style or comfort level you can look at a lighter shade of those colors. Instead of applying the bold colors to the walls, use these colors in the accessories, accent pillows or textiles; this will add color to a room without it becoming too over powering. In my personal opinion I favor the first five colors on the left because these are classic, as well as, soft colors that are soothing and tranquil. However, I do like pops of colors in my accessories to create an eye pleasing interior design.  Below are some examples of this color palette being used in different rooms throughout a home.

Interior Color Scheme from Fall Fashion Designers

No matter where you find your interior design inspiration, in the end it is important that you are happy with the results. So be sure select color, finishes and furnishings that you will be comfortable with for a while. If you ever have question regarding your colors choices or anything else in regard to home decorating please feel free to send me an email. I am more than happy to help others bring their interior design ideas to life.


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