Going Off to College: Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Just around the corner thousands of new college freshmen will be leaving home and moving into their new dorm rooms. This is an exciting time for young adults around the country and the world as they embark on this new chapter of their lives. However, one thing they may not be excited about is the accommodations of the dorm rooms. Typically these spaces have white walls, which are sometimes concrete cinder blocks, old vinyl floors and white ceilings. You could easily confusion most dorm rooms as prison cells, not only in their lack of style, but also in the total square footage. This doesn’t have to be the case; with a few simple dorm room decorating ideas you can turn your dorm room into the envy of your floor. In fact dorm rooms give you a blank canvas to express your personality. Here are a few dorm room ideas for decorating and transforming your new space.

Creating Zones: I am not talking about drawing a line down the middle of your college dorm room to separate what’s yours and what’s your roommate’s. Like in any room that needs to serve more than one purpose, it is important to create different destinations within the room for each purpose. For example, in a dorm room you will have a zone for sleeping, a work zone and perhaps a lounging zone. Creating these separate zones will help make your small space feel larger and more organized.

Bed Risers by Dormify

Maximize Space: There are number of ways maximize every inch of the dorm room. One way to increase space is lofting your bed if possible; this will open up new area where you can place a desk or lounging zone. If you can’t loft your bed add bed risers to allow you to store items not used everyday under your bed in under bed storage containers. In addition to these ideas, you can add high bookshelves, shelving over your bed or Hanging Corner Shelving. These ideas will help to maximize your space, make your room feel larger and keep you organized.

Wall Decals
Wall Decals

College Wall Decor : Most colleges don’t allow you to paint the walls so wall decorations are very important. To get around this restriction and still bring some color to your dorm room I have a few wall decoration ideas for dorms. Wall Decals are a great dorm room decorating idea because they bring color and style and are removable without causing damage to the walls. These wall decals are also a great way to create a focal point in your dorm room, which can define a particular zone as well. Another great decorating tip for your college home is to add mirrors to the walls. Not only will adding a mirror to your room give you a place to check yourself before you go to class, mirrors are an excellent designer’s tool to make a space room feel larger. Mirrors can give the illusion a bigger space. Mirrors can be expensive so if you don’t a lot of money to spend get a few smaller mirrors and group them together. This will give the same effect as a larger mirror at a lower price tag. Check out the Malma Mirror by Ikea. Another easy DIY decorating idea for your dorm room is to make a picture clothesline display. Simply attach each end of the clothesline on one wall and then use clothes pins to hang picture from the line. Who needs frames when you got a clothesline? For further direction on this DIY project check out Fig & Plum’s instructions. If you are not DIY savvy check Urban Outfitters’ Cable Photo Holder. One last wall decorating idea is hanging a French Memo Board. These boards give you a place hang photos, place reminders and are another place to bring color to your room. You can buy one or if you feel crafty make your own unique memo board, click on this link for easy and inexpensive instruction on how to make a French Memo Board.

Don’t Forget Your Comforter: An important part to your dorm room’s interior design will be your choice of bedding. Your comforter will add so much to your room and can be a starting point for the rest of the room as far as color and style. You can base your dorm room’s color scheme from the color(s) found in your bedding or you can read more about other color ideas by clicking selecting a color scheme. Your bedding is a perfect place to show your personality and bring decoration to your dorm room.

Perfect Storage Box

Storage Bin & Dual Purpose Furniture: Your dorm room is small it is important to be organized. A great way to accomplish this is by using storage containers and boxes. These provide a place to put items when not being used and add bursts of color in your room. Another college dorm interior design idea is to buy furniture with multiple purposes, such as ottoman with storage. A storage ottoman gives you a place to hide things, like extra linens, and can be used as a coffee table or an extra seat when you have friends over to watch movie or study.

Cover that Floor: The flooring in most dorm rooms lack any sense of style and are not welcoming at all. Since you can’t change the flooring the best dorm room decorating idea is cover the floors up with an area rug. There are many benefits to adding an area rug to your dorm’s décor, such as; defines a space, adds a sense of warmth to the room, adds to the interior design style, and feels great to walk on. You can find rugs in all shapes, sizes and colors to enhance the style of your dorm room. However, if you can’t find one that matches your design ideas, check out my post about FLOR carpets tile and design your own rug.

So don’t think you are stuck with the four white walls in your dorm room. Create a dorm room that you will love to come back to after class to hang out in, study and sleep when you aren’t hanging out with friends. Use these dorm decorating ideas to bring your room to the next level.

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Small storage ottomans or benches can provide seating and storage areas, and are easy to move around and fit into small spaces. Area rugs can add a note of individuality to a room. They can also help warm up the room and help soundproof it. toronto interior designers