DIY: Benefits of Plants for Interior Design

Using the elements of nature is a great way to enhance an interior design concept. There are many benefits to adding plants to any room in your house or workplace. Since plants are living organisms, they are constantly changing over time, making them very interesting and exciting to watch grow. With so many different plant varieties there is no end to the multitude of options you have to bring life to your home. Another benefit of plants in interior spaces is they help purify and detoxify indoor air, which in some cases can have more air pollutants than the air outside your home. Plants and flowers also bring color, texture and life to a space, which can be enjoyed year round. In winter months, adding plants to a room may help combat the dreary view outside your home. Plants enrich an interior design and lighten the environment within our home.

Benefits of Interior Plants

Reused Glass Lampshade turned mini modern terrarium. Sources: Curbly & Design Dreams Japan


There are many ways and methods you can use to bring plants and flowers into your home. For example, during the holiday season you can hang a wreath of pine branches or branches with fall color leaves. I recently stumbled upon this excellent DIY decorating project, which can add a simple nature accent to any space. I found this plant project at Curbly, but it was originally posted at Design Dreams Japan. I thought this decorating idea was so interesting, simple and creative I had to share it with my readers. What I love most about this mini modern terrarium is that it is inexpensive and easy to assemble. All you need to find is an old clear glass lamp shade to repurpose or buy a small glass lampshade at the hardware store, some pea gravel and an air-plant. Air plants normally grow without soil and attach to other plants or rocks and come in many different varieties (source: Wikipedia). This is a perfect way to bring some nature in your home and is ideal for small places. I am thinking about making my own terrarium to bring some color to my office.

Next time you are sitting around your home or workplace, look around and see where you can add some greenery or flowers to enhance your interior environment.

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