Solutions to Common Interior Design Mistakes

We all can’t be experts on interior design, however we can try to avoid common decorating mistakes many people fall victim to when designing their home decor. To help you avoid many of these interior pitfalls I will give you the secret solutions of interior designers. 

Mistake #1: Pictures and artwork hanging too high on the wall.
Solution: Artwork and pictures should be hung at eye level. A good rule of thumb is to center pictures 5 feet above the floor, this is an average height of most people. If you have ever been to an art museum or next time to you go to your local art museum you will notice that the artwork is hung around 5 feet high. If you have small pictures, group them together to create a better and more interesting focal point. This makes it easy to view and enjoy the artwork. The one exception to this rule is if you are hanging artwork over the fireplace.

Hanging Pictures at the right heightv

Great example of hanging picture together to make a focal point

Mistake #2: Collections not being display together.
Solution: If collectibles are scattered throughout your home the impact of your collection is lost. It is best to group like items together; this gives the collection more impact in the space. Grouping accessories by type or color also makes these items not look like clutter.

Grouping collections to together

Example of group a collection of wall clocks together

Mistake #3: Including only one of everything in a room.
Solution: Having just one of something may make people who are in the room wonder, what happen to its mate? If you have children visitors you may think your kids broke the other matching lamp (which in some cases maybe the case). Regardless, having pairs of items creates balance and unity in a room, these are two important principals in interior design. So when designing a space in your home buy or select pairs of lamps, chairs, pillows or artwork.

One of everthing in a room

This room has matching pillows, sofas and lamps.

Mistake #4: Room color scheme being too bland.
Solution: It is important when designing a room that your color scheme is not bland and boring. In all successful color schemes there is some degree of contrast, change in intensity, pattern or texture between the different ingredients of your design palette. This results in an interior design that is interesting and pleasing to the eye. If you are interested I have several posts discussing different interior color scheme, click here to learn more about color schemes.

Interesting Color Scheme

There is nothing bland about this color scheme

Mistake #5:  A TV that is too big for the room.
Solution: With televisions becoming thinner and more enormous, it is not uncommon to walk into an average size room and see a 60 inch or larger television on the wall. So when buying a TV consider the size of the room the TV is going in. If the room is small you probably don’t want to buy that 60 inch TV because it will feel visually awkward. Here is a link to a sizing guide for TV’s based on room size. However, if you already have that super sized TV, to minimize awkwardness and the bachelor pad look here are a few suggestions. Place your TV in a recess in the wall or built-in shelving area, buy a console table to place the TV on, or hang similar colored artwork on either side of the TV.

Building in a spot for the 60" Flat Screen

Building in a spot for the 60" Flat Screen

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