Architectural Design: Cantilever Office

One of my favorite architecture marvels from my home state of Michigan is a building that defies the laws of gravity. The Lamar Construction Corporate Headquarter building located in Hudsonville, MI is a 46,000 squarefoot facility with office space, a carpentry shop and tool room. The centerpiece of their new headquarters is a 52 foot by 112 foot steel structural cantilever, which is the longest of its kind in the United States. Lamar Construction partnered with Integrated Architecture and Structural Design Inc to design and engineer this award winning cantilever office design. Just over 250 tons of structural steel was used in the construction of this engineering mission impossible; 236 tons of which were part of the structural support for the 6500 square foot cantilevered office.

The beams, nuts and bolts, which are normally not seen when a building is complete, are showcased in the interior design of the office by painting the structural element construction orange. The architecture cantilever of this office building, which sits on the rolling hills of Hudsonville, is an icon of modern architecture and engineering. Even when driving at 70 mph down the nearby highway it is hard not take a glance at this beautiful landmark building. It is a true testament of what people can do when they work together.

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