6 Ways To Help Your Home’s Front Entrance Design

6 Ways to Help Your Home's Front Entrance Design“Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too” – Douglas Adams

I know we focus a lot on interior design ideas and project at HLM. However with the summer warm weather, the beautiful greenery and color outside, I have the outdoors on the mind. Over the next few weeks I will give you tips and tricks on how you can turn your yard into an outdoor oasis, starting with the front entrance design.

Front Entrance Design is First Impression

The front entrance design to your home is the first impression that your guests get of you and your home. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so start out right where it counts; at your front door. This is especially important this time of year because you are having friends and family over BBQ’s, graduation parties, etc. To help you create an inviting first impression, here are some ways to put a welcoming look on your home’s entrance:


Think of cool, cozy areas deep within adobe houses and you have an idea of what a courtyard could be. Another example is a French Style courtyard with finely trimmed shrubbery and rustic pavers. If you don’t have a large front entrance, borrow some square footage from the front yard and draw the eye into your entrance. Create interest with arches, greens, bench seating, and anything else you can imagine in the interior courtyard of perhaps a Spanish villa. Be sure to scale it to appropriately fit the scale of your entrance. If you are unsure about what features and plants will best work with your yard may want to hire a landscape designer to create an enclosed courtyard to suit your particular style.

Front Entrance Design Courtyard


Nothing says high style and is more welcoming like a niche fireplace in your front entrance design. A warm, inviting fire behind a glass wall is one very upscale style.  Depending on your climate, of course, there are many options for installing a fireplace that can be enjoyed right there in your front entry.  If you plan it right, this beautiful fireplace can serve as an overflow area for guest during a summer party.

Water Features

From traditional to Gothic to modern, a water feature of some sort improves any entrance and curb appeal of your home. I personally love the sound of trickling or bubbling water because it is instantly relaxing and calming. You’ll find many variations, some free-standing and some that are built into a niche. Even a small tabletop water fountain can add a relaxing, inviting feeling. Create a small seating group near your water feature so it can be enjoyed while relaxing or reading a book.Front Entrance Design Water Feature

Container Gardens

This feature can be used as a continuation of the landscaping in your front yard or you can create an entirely new color scheme and design on a smaller scale. Filling a variety of containers to overflowing with lush flowers and greens is a gorgeous look for any front entrance. Also use a varying sizes and colors of containers to create a more interesting appearance to your home’s entrance. Choose a cool monochromatic look or go for a bold riotous display of color. Either way, it will give your entrance the attention it deserves.

Front Entrance Design Container Gardens

Seating Areas

Choose a cozy seating area much like the front porches we remember from years gone by. Welcoming porches often included plush sofa and chairs, or, my favorite, swings to sit and visit.  If you don’t have the room for this type of arrangement, try borrowing extra square footage from the adjoining lawn and walkway. You can carve out a little seating area along the pathway to your front entrance design. Or a small bistro set placed strategically at the bottom step invites visitors to stop and sit to a sunny summer day.


Rugs define a room and anchor a seating area both indoors and out. An outdoor rug, whether one big one or several small ones, help make the entry feel more like the interior room. The important tip is to choose rugs that are weatherproof and suit your entrances decor.  You will want to avoid the simple rubber “Welcome” mat. It may say “Welcome” but it won’t feel very welcoming at all. Plus everyone has rugs like that and you want your home’s entrance to stand out among the rest. Choose a rug that begs your guests to kick off their shoes or sandals and enjoy some cold sweet tea on a summer day.

Hopefully, these tips helped inspire you to give your front entrance a makeover that can’t help but say “Welcome.” The possibilities to create a wonderful first impression are endless when you use a bit of imagination and sweat equity.

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