10 Ways to Green Your Home Using Bamboo

Quickly becoming the trendiest raw material on the planet, bamboo is now dominating the green retail market. Take a closer look at this grassy gem and it is hard not to see why. Its renewability and sustainability is unsurpassed, it produces 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees, can grow almost anywhere (at warp speeds), is beautiful to look at and is so versatile that it can be made into almost any product.

10 Ways to Green Your Home Using Bamboo

As the population moves toward a more eco-conscious living environment, bamboo products for the home are in high demand since it is one of the first places people start to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. When shopping for a greener home there are thousands of ways to incorporate the trend but these ten ways to green your home with bamboo is a pretty good place to start:

Ways To Use Bamboo in Your Home

1. Opt for bamboo floors instead of hardwood  With hardwood forests vanishing by the day, the renewability of bamboo coupled with the benefits of its strength and durability, make bamboo floors a more environmentally friendly option for the home.

2. Upgrade your backyard with bamboo Bamboo is naturally moisture resistant and anti-fungal making backyard furniture made from this grassy material able to withstand harsh weather and outdoor elements.

Bamboo Outdoor Lounge Furniture

Bamboo Outdoor Lounge Furniture Source: www.interiorwarrior.com

3. Revamp your closet  Bamboo can be woven into thread finer than silk and as soft as silk. Its natural sheen and absorbancy to color versatile clothing that is both durable and beautiful.

4. Get organized and store the smart way Historically, storage and organization products have been made from plastic, metal and wood. Bamboo not only looks better but also naturally keeps pests, molds and other allergens away from valuables and home goods.

5. Decor can be green The smooth and sleek texture, naturally symmetrical patterns and subtle color make bamboo popular in home decor for modern, tropical and even traditional interior styles.

Bamboo Rug

Bamboo Area Rug Source: www.amazon.com

6. Furniture Sofas, chairs, tables and beds – everything can be made from bamboo. Its tensile strength is greater than even steal, it feels comfortable, is very safe, and has been historically used as a popular building material in countries abundant with earthquakes because of its ability to withstand the pressure.

7. Paper It is always best to keep things digital and only print or use paper when you have to. However, if the paper is needed then bamboo paper is the greenest option on the market and functions exactly the same as a regular piece paper. Lumber Liquidators

8. Bed and Bath Woven bamboo is extremely soft, breathable and adapts to any climate. It keeps cool and ventilated during hot summer months, but helps absorb and keep the heat in the winter making it a popular and luxurious choice for bedding and bath linens.

9. Kitchen tools  Kitchenwares, utensils and cooking tools can all be made from bamboo and are washable, durable and safe for eating. Plus with the growing popularity of bamboo products hitting the retail market, there are bamboo kitchen products available to suit any style and budget.

10. Gadgets Gadgets, office supplies and tech tools are increasingly finding ways to be greener and the use of bamboo to satisfy the green tech-savvy is becoming the new trend.

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